What is Teamwork – G9 English Partner Summative

What is Teamwork?

This is the first time that I had work with a student outside of KAS as a partner for my summative. For me, working as a team is something hard for me due to the fact that I’ve always worked by myself. I always think that if I work with others either I turn them down or they turn me down, but that’s how it works in my old school. After this year in Kaohsiung American School, my definition of teamwork has changed. I think this time we had complete the solution so fast is all the work of cooperation, we share work and the most important is everyone did their part. 

BMSA Movie Project – Before I Go to Sleep


The book Before I go to sleep is a story told by S.J Watson about Christine whos suffer from a terrible attack. Every time when a terrible attack occurs Christine forgets everything that she had done. One day, Christine wakes up and see a man she does not recognize laying beside her. After Ben had left for work, a phone call would appear every morning, with a man, Dr. Nash, reminding Christine to look for the hidden journal from yesterday. In the next few days, by reading the unknown journal, Christine knows she had a baby who reminds the lies that Ben had told her. She knows she had to escape and by doing that she will pretend to go on a vacation with Ben (Husband) but after they arrive at the hotel, Christine had found some pages from the journal in Ben’s luggage. Suddenly, Mike enters the room and Christine was shocked by surprise, and she passes out. No one knows if she will still remember after she falls asleep.

Movie – Zane Ferrara:

Movie Script:

Movie Storyboard: 

Page 1:

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What is Christmas – Blog Unit Summative


“Even though we look the same but we are different”

Christmas Cookies by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash/ CC BY-NC-SA


“Have Christmas with family/friends is the best”

Christmas Poppy by Jakob Owens on Unsplash/ CC BY-NC-SA


“The day It arrives”

The Navinity by Gareth Harper on Unsplash/ CC BY-NC-SA


What is Christmas:
December is a special period, it is not just because of Winter Vacation it is because of Dec 25 the day Jesus was born Christmas. In different region because of the way the Earth orbit so Some country are going to have Christmas during Summer which is great. You might notice that our school has already started the Christmas Decreation, we have the snowman in the lobby and other dissertation around the school. I remember as I child, I would wait until 1 is for Santa Claus to come. But unfortunately I never saw him but he left me a gift so I think I will wait for it next year. I think when I was 7 I received a letter from Santa Claus and said that he isn’t real so now I would just request the gift from my parent instead of “Santa”. Everything has its own purpose so each direction has its own background information.

A personal reflection on this Unit:
The three image I show is about Christmas which is an event that’s coming up soon (I can’t wait), as you can see each photo has its own meaning and I also learn lots of new Idea during this unit so I added the citation to prove that. The best image out of three is the first one because it is true, but I message is to let others know “You can do anything you want to show others that you have the ability to do it. ” So the goal that I will try to sussed during the next semester is to do something different and let them respect me.

Post 4, Image Attributions Reflection

Why is giving Image Attributions so Important?

In class, we spend lots of time picking our image but after that, we have to find the link for the Image. You might think this is just wasting time but have you ever thought of a world without Attribution? Imagine, without image attribution, we can do things faster by not doing the 2nd part which safe time. But if you are a Photographer and that’s how you earn money for is it fair to them? Even though that worlds not fair but because some people try to make it fair so we have laws, and one important law for an image is to give lots of sources where you find them. In KAS HS handbook section 14, it talks about the copying and one way that counts as cheating is not given enough source. To conclude, now we understand the meaning of giving image attributions so if others ask you what is it for, then there is your answer.

Post 3, Academic Honesty Presentation Reflection

After this presentation, I learn what teamwork and time management. Before I start the presentation I was thinking whether I should write ou the script or not, at the end I did but that’s not the point. The point is why was I thinking that way, I think it is because we are only allowed three words not a sentence but lots of people actually do which is not really fair. During my part, I remember the 3 part, even though I kept on using my hand as a support but I don’t think that was good enough. The last thing is Time management, our group only spend the maximum time of 2 hours on this presentation. And as the result we can see, it is not what I was expecting. My other teammate gives not much information so I have to add more sentence to get the time for our presentation. I think if we pay more attention on this work, then today’s work can be better.  


Link to presentation: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1Hk1HggI-1YeBQiRqmht2JbI7PQsvMX5QoIRr-X4fRyo/edit?usp=sharing  


What is a Digital Citizen and How to be a Healthy Digital Citizen Post 2

A digital citizen can be known as a digital presence or digital footprint. Digital means 3C and Citizen means people who’re using it lots of E-message Apps such as lying and messenger are both great examples. It will be hard to become a healthy digital citizen by healthy I mean to look after yourself and to do inappropriate things online. But with some helpful tips, it would be easy to be one.  The first one is don’t give out lots of information about you, your birth date is fine, your favorite color is also fine. But when you post something that represents you like which school you are from and, a picture where you live. Remember, what you give out won’t be returned. This quote means if your post a message talking about someone and you realize that it’s wrong so you deleted after you posted,  on your screen inline be perfect but others can still see what you post even if the company delete it, someone might still download your message and keep it for threatening you. The last step to becoming a healthy digital citizen is to stop cyberbullying, a lot of countries such as the United States of America, people decide to suicide because of cyberbullying have more cases of Being attack by the shark. this shows that people really care about what you are interested in and when one started others to follow and as you see nothing can be deleted so the best way to defend yourself is not to attack back as it is to talk to the e-message company and ask if they could report that person.  To conclude now we understand the importance of being a healthy digital citizen, today in school we don’t use it just for fun we also use it for education and lots of school like Stanford and Harvard when you applied the application, they also want to check your e-message search history so being a healthy citizen is also good for your future. 

Wilson Chen 11/7/2018

Handbook Summary Post 1

Kaohsiung American School should have a uniform because it makes school looks better, students will have more KAS spirit and a different way for others to see our school (Looks organized). Many other international schools in Taiwan has it. Not just Taiwan, Macleans College in NZ has it, it also has other special rules in its handbook. In KAS lots of “people” wear shorts that are too short which is inappropriate because the student should cover its body part, if we have school uniform system faculty and PTA won’t have to worry about that. In PE class, students wear jeans which is not suitable for PE class. People should change before PE class starts and if they are late, they are. They should change back to uniform expect of after-school sports practice (in KAS only). This happens the Macleans college as well, it might seem unfair but to the teacher it thinks, that’s what student should do. To conclude, students should wear a uniform because of school quality and that what a school should do. Another School in Taiwan has it so why don’t we try it and make KAS a better place to study.