What is Christmas – Blog Unit Summative


“Even though we look the same but we are different”

Christmas Cookies by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash/ CC BY-NC-SA


“Have Christmas with family/friends is the best”

Christmas Poppy by Jakob Owens on Unsplash/ CC BY-NC-SA


“The day It arrives”

The Navinity by Gareth Harper on Unsplash/ CC BY-NC-SA


What is Christmas:
December is a special period, it is not just because of Winter Vacation it is because of Dec 25 the day Jesus was born Christmas. In different region because of the way the Earth orbit so Some country are going to have Christmas during Summer which is great. You might notice that our school has already started the Christmas Decreation, we have the snowman in the lobby and other dissertation around the school. I remember as I child, I would wait until 1 is for Santa Claus to come. But unfortunately I never saw him but he left me a gift so I think I will wait for it next year. I think when I was 7 I received a letter from Santa Claus and said that he isn’t real so now I would just request the gift from my parent instead of “Santa”. Everything has its own purpose so each direction has its own background information.

A personal reflection on this Unit:
The three image I show is about Christmas which is an event that’s coming up soon (I can’t wait), as you can see each photo has its own meaning and I also learn lots of new Idea during this unit so I added the citation to prove that. The best image out of three is the first one because it is true, but I message is to let others know “You can do anything you want to show others that you have the ability to do it. ” So the goal that I will try to sussed during the next semester is to do something different and let them respect me.

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