December CAS Engagement

The arrival of December was sooner than expected, after few weeks of preparation for the final examination, is time for the real deal.  However, apart from the stress from the final exam, the arrival of December also means the begging winter vacation around midway through this month. Of course, can’t forget about Christmas, this is going to be final Christmas before moving to other country for future education.

For creativity this month, I did a quick sketch of a character from the anime that I am really into recently ” my hero academia”. The story focuses on a character who is trying to complete a mission that requires the ability he doesn’t have. But the character did complete the task finally after many rough trainings which he did not avoid.


My drawing above is a character called Ken Ishiyama, Cementoss, this character can generate concrete not only to attack but to protect. I think in the anime series, he symbolizes the guidance of the main characters and teaches his student about the moral concept of being a hero. When I first saw this character, all I think of was his strength by controlling the elements. But he wasn’t that great overall, he couldn’t swim due to his weight. Based on my perspective, I realize the character was trying to demonstrate the balance between each character which gave me many thoughts because I was feeling a bit lost recently.

I agree with the author on the balancing part of each person and I hope to find my positive side cause recently, I am confused about what I am good at. As for the activity, I continue doing push-ups to remain fit. Although the soccer season is officially over, however, I am still keeping my body ready for the offseason which is coming up soon.

Most of the servicing-related activity that I’ve completed during December is part of the CAS project. Our group ends up only being permitted from one local breakfast shop for the translation menu service, so the focus of the CAS project this month would be to try to translate some of the menus if possible. Currently, the team already met some challenges due to a lack of concept in traditional Taiwanese breakfast.

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