Dentistry Internship Final Blog – Total of 40 hours

During the past 2 weeks of Internship experience at two different dentist clinics, I’ve now understood more about the industries as well as achieving both ATL goals that I’ve made before the start of the event. The first goal that I’ve achieved is “Understanding my roles”, and I simply achieve it but understanding the customer’s needs. For example, there was one time in both clinics I become the person that measures the body temperature of the incoming patients before their checking at the front desk of both clinics, maybe because I’ve got the experience of getting measured when entering a clinical area so I feel my mood and actions changes depends on the patients. Another ATL Goal that I’ve made was achieving the idea of reflections and improve on it, we were assigned a reflections interview video on the flip grid every 10 hours of shift, however, I also took notes of my actions and reflect them on my own during break/spare time and this I believe improves my recording skills and self-reflecting skills. This improvement particularly would help me achieve in my academic by understanding the importance of taking notes since now I think it is only useful to recall it before the test, but as this method has shown that I do remember more if I recall it every day or even if I have any free time, just look over it. As for the other goal, I think I now understand more about my roles and personal ability in achieving them. So later on in school, when I am assigned to a group, I would try to find my role by my ability because I won’t want to mess up anything as grades get heavier these days. Same with my experience in the clinic that the doctor won’t ask me to cure a patient since I don’t have much ability in the field compared to him/her. Finally, the most unexpected ideas or concepts that I’ve gained from this course is during a lunch with the CEO of the ABC dentist associations who share with me about his life as a Dentist that seeks chances and uncertainties. The main conclusion that I’ve learned is always to try unique cases, even though no one cures them for a reason but if you successfully cure the patient, you will be very successful if You manage it properly. Also, I was afraid I want to learn much from this course since I originally signup for another internship which would learn concepts of company management, but the CEO shares with me loads of stories and experience which gain me the concepts to the outside world and future steps.

Believe it or not, there are times where I want to quit the program because most of the time in the day interns like me would just be standing outside the operating room watching doctors operating surgeries for hours and hours. To me I don’t see any purpose of monitoring professionals on their surgeries as the knowledge required in that field is way out of reach of mine as an 11th grader. After a thorough discussion with my monitor, he decided to communicate with the clinic and shift me the tooth model contracting lab where I see people operating tools to fix the dentures. 

Mid-December CAS Engagement

At the begging of the winter vacation, I dig further into the internet and did a few studies about the upcoming trend in 2021. One interesting thing I found was the increase of SUV’s productions compare to the previous years (2018 and 2019). This makes me change my subject of drawing for my project, this time I draw a different car than before with the key characteristics of the sloping roof which gives it a sick look.

Below is my drawing for this Engagement.

My design Theme is still sticking with an SUV (Future Trend), so I continue the trend by sticking with the usual design of the car’s head, with a larger head, the car can not only fit a bigger, stronger engine but also it completes the whole body of the car. But since is getting to the end of 2020, I want to do something different, so I put a sloping roof on the car to make it sportier. This is hoped to gain more young market’s attention (From the design Magazines).

Although this car may seem complete, I hope to add more detail to it in digital form. Which might show up in the later Engagement.