Is Abigail innocent or not?

In the crucible, Auther Miller uses Abigale to represent the hate that would be tricky to know. In the Crucible, Abigail Williams is Parris’s Niece and Proctor’s affair, as the Niece of Parris she had to keep her reputation highly. Honestly speaking, Abigail has to be blamed for all the events because without her covering up for Parris, the story wouldn’t have ended like this. “We did dance, Uncle, and when you leaped out of the bush so suddenly, Betty was frightened and then she fainted. And there’s the whole of it” (9) (Having problem inserting Images)

Abigail needs to be blamed for every event because she planed every event, for example, she made Marry Warren hide a needle in Elizebeth’s Doll which means she is not a victim in the story of Crucible since she has the power to control others.
People may argue that Abigail is forced to be the way she is like because of the lie she made at the beginning of the book, she was forced to continue to lie or else she would be hung like Proctor.


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  1. Hi Wilson, I like how you explain other people’s perspective about how Abigail act in the situation. I agree with you that Abigail needs to be blamed for every event, but at the same time, I think she shouldn’t be the only one that takes the blame. I think that John Proctor also has the responsibility to take the blame, because of his love with Abigail was the reason that causes Abigail to become like this. Human nature was to let us make ourselves protective which Abigail was trying to protect herself from hanging, if you were Abigail will you choose to do the same to protect yourself from hanging and letting the others take the blame or you will do it in a different way.

  2. Hi Wilson:
    I thought your opinion on the responsibility of Salem’s events should be blamed on Abigail was intriguing. However, I’ll have to disagree with such an opinion. Yes, Abigail was responsible for the false accusation of innocents like Sarah Good, but what I believe to have caused the events were the long-lasting hatred, the lack of knowledge, and the insecurities amongst the Salemites. As mentioned, Abigail covered up Parris, but what I thought was that it was Parris who helped hide the crimes that Abigail committed. Parris did so because he valued his reputation if the Salemites know that Abigail, who was raised by Parris, committed witchcraft, his reputation would be swept on the floor, and he will lose his power in the village. The townspeople were also responsible for the tragedy, they were so insecure about their safety and so fearful that Lucifer is going to take over Salem, they were willing to put anyone on death row, to convince themselves that witches are death. How would the story be different if the Salemites have believed in intellectuals like Hale?

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