August CAS Engagement

As school begins, I rarely have any chance for a service opportunity. Unfortunately due to the level 3 Pandemic Lockdown in Taiwan, my internship schedule for this year is all getting delay which means all my activities are going to be busy later on in the year (when Kaohsiung enters level 1). Another sad truth about the pandemic is the fact that I can’t play Table Tennis anymore due to the local regulations in my neighborhood but I still manage to achieve some activity by having soccer training three days per week after school.


Activity-wise, I manage to finish some drawings about the recent topic that I am really into, kittens. I draw and design the base of the characteristics on my mood and theme that I bring thought at during this period, in another word, is also like a reflection but on a painting.

The drawing completely digitally shows a kitten aroused and refused to eat his food (vegetables) that has been prepared by his owner. My concept was original that me being the cat refusing the correct judgment given by my parents (owner) simply because I don’t like or refuse to follow. Eventually, I end up with false results and want to change the ending but it was too late, sometimes in life, we don’t get a second chance. I also understood or tires to think to form a parental point of view after many events have happened as a grow up and still to this day, I still make a simple mistake. However, I can now use reflection to remind myself of the importance of following an instruction given by an elder or someone that has more experience than you, I hope I would receive many suggestions when I am researching and applying to colleges later on in my life.

As for the CAS Project, I am finally begging my group on the topic of “Restaurant Menu Translation Program”. Of course, this topic currently is still not yet being approved but once it’s approved, we are planning to use this project as an opportunity to let our local restaurant engage with the international customer flaws. As a service project, I would also be demonstrating my painting skills when designing the outlines for the menu. Hope everything goes well with that.

July CAS Engagement

As the summer vacation begins, the lockdown continues… There is nothing much I can do but to complete some work indoor, alone. My Family always agree with the no pet policy where it gave us more mobility sometimes in the year to travel, but the time like this now would be nice to have a pet. So, I decided to draw one.

The cat I drew is base on the storyline of trap indoor because of the pandemic. This activity helps me understand the action of nature which would lead me to further success in the future by giving me more examples of the action cats learn from. Although I don’t have a cat, this is still a good chance to practice my new ability of painting from an image and I can use this skill set in my IB Art class.