End of Year CAS Reflection / Mid-June CAS Engagement

The CAS experience supports me in academics and my daily life by giving me the habit of reflecting. After the Dental Clinical experience during the Spring Break of 2021, I have entered a new level of spatial awareness. This ability is rather important for me since by understanding others’ feelings, I can make my life easier when comes negotiations occur. Before this understanding, I think don’t concern others’ feelings when deciding things (When I held power). But now with the support of this ability, I hope I can respect more people and don’t harm them. This ability would also boost my social network since now people think I am a respectful person, and I think overall, the Service/Activity at the Dentistry helps me to reflect daily and think where I can improve which is rather helpful to my future.

As the CAS program continues next year, I am currently planning on developing the ability to become a risk-taker. This year, most of my CAS events have been based around the same thing over and over again. Even though at this stage, I am still concerned about my future CAS plannings, but to become a risk-taker, I would like to avoid the events that had already occur this year. Being the fact that I would only repeat the activity that I would enjoy or needs it for example Beach Cleaning and with the continuing pressure of lockdown, I think I need to have more indoor activity. Currently heading in the direction of practicing new musical instruments that haven’t been blog by me for CAS.

Am I balanced as A CAS Student

The 2nd Semester of 20 ~ 21

For this semester, I end up with 6 Creativity, 3 Activity, and 2 Services. The graph is quite unbalanced and there are many reasons behind it.  The 6 Creativity originated as my CAS Project, therefore I always have enough information to include in my CAS blog about them. For activity, I am currently finding new ways to increase the number of events that occur in the blog. I used to have loads of activity but don’t know if I should blog about them or not. From my perspective, in order to include an activity, it has to be unique. For example, the Red Cross CPR training might only occur in my blog for a time. But still, working on increasing the number of Activity Blog, I decided to become a Risk-Taker next year, and of course there multiple reasons behind it, but in order to blog activities is my current number 1 concern in the future. For service, I’ve only completed 2 at the end of this semester for the reason of uniqueness. Service often requires certificated depart approval and in that case, I have to reshape my schedule for it which is difficult these days. One example can be the arguments I have with my parents when they ask me to cancel my service at JZN for family vacations. With multiple other personal reasons, I am very limited with the options of services. Also, under the current restriction of Covid – 19, most of my Activities and Services (Outdoor, Sociological) have been canceled and I still don’t know when they will be returning. To conclude, I as a CAS student need to improve to be balanced on my CAS activities when comes to blogging them, I hope next year it would not be as ugly as this year when the pandemic is over and the support of being a risk-taker.

Red Cross CPR Training @KAS

As a CAS Activity, I’ve attend this seminar of CPR train around mid March of 2021. Prior CPR training, I wasn’t really looking forward to it since it really isn’t that important, and I don’t really have any personal experience for the needs of mastering this technique.

Throughout the training process of 3 hours, I’ve talked to lots of advisors on how they get into mastering the skills and one of them told me his interesting story as an Emergency Worker for the fire department. His story was about how he uses his CPR ability for 30 minutes straight (without stopping) for saving his family on a mountain, he told me “It would be best to know ever since we can’t predict the future, if it occurs, you are ready to recover it”. Although it’s not my first time hearing a quote from that, understanding the ability of CPR is a matter of live or die situation. Of course, after the course, I get to know my school better by taking a safety tour and discovering the Health Security system around us.