Red Cross CPR Training @KAS

As a CAS Activity, I’ve attend this seminar of CPR train around mid March of 2021. Prior CPR training, I wasn’t really looking forward to it since it really isn’t that important, and I don’t really have any personal experience for the needs of mastering this technique.

Throughout the training process of 3 hours, I’ve talked to lots of advisors on how they get into mastering the skills and one of them told me his interesting story as an Emergency Worker for the fire department. His story was about how he uses his CPR ability for 30 minutes straight (without stopping) for saving his family on a mountain, he told me “It would be best to know ever since we can’t predict the future, if it occurs, you are ready to recover it”. Although it’s not my first time hearing a quote from that, understanding the ability of CPR is a matter of live or die situation. Of course, after the course, I get to know my school better by taking a safety tour and discovering the Health Security system around us.

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