How to Take Care of Dogs

By Wilson


How to Buy Dog


How to buy dog? To buy dog it is very easy. First you need to go to the pet shop and you can choose the pet. Two, when you see someone have a puppy you can ask or some bad person have dog but they don’t like the dog so they kick the dog outside but some good people take the dog back to the dog shelter and you can take the dog but inside of the dog shelter’s dog only have 12 day to live there. When is 13 day the dog will die.


How to Play with Dog


How to play with dog? To play with dog is very easy. First you can shoot the ball or frisbee away and call the dog take the ball or frisbee to you hand or take back. But you know the dog can’t chew the biggest ball the dog only can chew the small ball. You can see your dog mouth size to choose your dog ball. But watch out the small dog is very easy to unconscious because small dog heart is very small so when dog is running the dog will unconscious. Unconscious is like the people is not die but he can’t wake.


How the Dog Sleep


How the dog sleep? The most dog is sleep on the bed or the dog own bed. Some dog don’t have bed but is pearbox that is so bad.

Some dog is puppy but they don’t have home to live so they sleep on the road because nobody want they so they don’t have home.


Dog Eat What


Some dog have home so his owner give the dog eat dog cookie or dog good and some puppy to eat his moms milk or some dog don’t have owner, so they only can eat trash or people didn’t down food in the trash.

Don’t Throw Dog Away


On the world, there have many people throw the dog away, so they have many people want to help the dog. They take the dog to the dog shelter, but inside of dog shelter’s dog only have 12 dy to live there, so when is 13 day the dog shelter’s people will use the poison food to that dig die.

Table of Contents


  • How to Buy Dog
  • How to Play with Dog
  • How the Dog Sleep
  • Dog Eat What
  • Don’t Throw Dog Away



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