January CAS Engagement

At the begging of a year, I happen to went on a four day vacation with my family to the “Turtle” Island where I get to relax. I’ve been to many places in my country which isn’t hard because it’s quite tiny and it’s pretty fast to travel from one destination to the other. But Turtle Island is a place where I’ve never been to in my life since is not far but hard to get to. The trip begin when the boat left the dock from the main island to Turtle island and instead of renting a car on the island, my family decide to bike.

Picture of the island

The Island isn’t large and it only took me about 15 minutes to finish a circle around the island when cycling. During the cycling process, there was hardly any traffic on the island which made it relaxing. My family and I spend much time taking photos of us as I will be leaving the next year. I think one funny thought I can come up with when I was biking around the coast is my future. If Netherland is where I end up going for future education, I need to practice my endurance of biking since it is most likely going to become my main type of transportation.

Friends met during beach cleaning program

On the morning that my family and I are departing the island, my mother signs the whole family up for a “Beach cleaning program”. The beach cleaning program includes lessons on the ecosystem on the island as well as how to preserve natural reserves when entering one. The whole event ended with a beach cleaning around the coastline and we took the afternoon ferry back to the main island.

Overall, the trip was rather fun. Not only do I have more understanding towards my family but also the environment around me. The final beach cleaning program is very random but I guess, sometimes you just have to return to society.


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