Today is Keven’s last day at his old school, he knows he is going to change school because of his dad’s work problem, so he said goodbye to his teachers and classmates. It was a sad day.

When Keven arrived at the new school, his mom said “I will help your dad pay for your school tuition and sign up classes for you, but you have to live at the school dorm.” Keven whined, “Why mom? Why do I have to stay here?”. His dad replied, “You are going to live in school because you will make more friends that way.”

The first day, Keven woke up at the dorm at 7:00 am. He started to pack up for what he needed for school that day. He was very nervous, he thought to himself, “Will I make new friends?”

At first when Keven got school, he thought nobody was friendly to him. Everyone was as cold as ice. But it started to change during the second week. Keven finally made a new friend, Oscar. Oscar is a boy that knows everyone in school. He was very popular because of his friendly personality, but Oscar is different from everyone else. He is already 21 years old and he still can’t graduate from school. This is because of his bad grades in school. Oscar taught Keven many things in school such as how to make new friends. Keven followed his instructions and in no time, Keven have many friends to talk, play and eat with. School wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be… or so he thought.

One day, a teacher thought Keven was becoming Oscar. Although Oscar was popular with the students, he was not so popular with the teachers. The teachers didn’t like Oscar because they think he is not hard working and that’s why he always get bad grades. Even though he had retaken the courses over and over again for many years, he still cannot graduate. The teacher started to pick on Keven because she thought he is going to become Oscar. So Keven becomes extremely mad at this, he thought it was very unfair of the teacher to judge him like that. It was not something a teacher should do. Keven could not control his anger, so he told the teacher that he is a bad student and will follow the footsteps of Oscar. The teacher was furious and told Keven to get out of the classroom. Everyone thinks Keven is a bad student who talks back to teachers. This caused Keven to not have any friends left, because no one wanted to be friends with a student the teacher disliked.

The next week, the teacher announced to everyone in class that they will have a test this friday. Keven was tired of not having any friends and the teacher had been picking on him for the past week. So Keven decides to prove everyone wrong. He figures that if he does well on his test, everyone will know that the teacher is wrong. Even though he is good friends with Oscar, he can still keep up his grades. His grade had nothing to do with his friendship with Oscar.

That night, when Keven got back to the dorm, he started to study very hard for the test on Friday. He studied like his life depended on it. He studied all night. He was so tired, he felt like he had ran a marathon. But he was very determined and knew he will do well on the test to prove everyone wrong. Friday came and in math class the teacher gave everyone the test. Keven was as confident as a lion. He wrote the test very carefully making sure to double check all his answers because he wanted to get full marks.

A few days after the test, Keven got his test results back…He shut his eyes before looking down at his paper. His heart was beating as fast as a race car and his hands were shaking like he was standing in the Arctic. He slowly opened his eyes… 100%!!! He couldn’t believe it! Everyone was peeking at his paper and whispers filled the room. Someone came up and congratulated him on his full mark. Soon everyone, including the teacher came and apologized for their behaviors. But sadly, the night before he got his test back, his dad made the decision of switching schools because he heard Keven had been getting bullied by the people in his school. Everyone was sad and regretful of their actions that caused Keven to switch schools, but it was too late. He said goodbye to his friend, and said he forgives them and that it’s a mistake anyone could make. Everyone was happy to have Keven’s forgiveness. They hug Keven and wished him good luck for the future. Keven was sad to leave but he knows now, how to deal with bullies at school and how to make new friends. This was an important life lesson for Keven that he will never forget.