March CAS Engagement

March, is the month for the mock exam, and the second month before my course ends. Mock is hard but it’s a preparation for the IB final exam and the future test during college. One tip for mock exams is to have a good night’s sleep the night before the test where you will gain the ability to focus during the test. I have trouble sleeping due to nervousness, one way to use up all energy is to study and play sport. In March, I ran a total of 5 KM during the exam and the pre-exam period to release stress. For me, Running is not only one way to release stress, but also to know my environment more as I want this to become a habit since I would have more tests in the future. Apart from running to release stress, the off-season soccer training officially started after exam week. Although by now I should spend more time preparing for the final exam, I must take some break and move around.

In addition to running and exercising, I also attended another beach cleaning event this time held by Red Cross.

The trash that I collected during the event

Unlike the previous beach cleaning at the turtle island, the beach that we’ve cleaned doesn’t have much natural ecosystem since it’s near the city. But since it’s near the city, the trash amount doubled. As my group and I pick up rubbish from the ground, we talked about why people throw them on the floor at first. We also reflect on the whole situation of the coastline where commercial brings economies to the city but damages the ecosystem.

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