Local Restaurant Menu Translating – CAS Project ft. Tagg, Danny, Benson, Sean

After 3 months of hard work, our CAS project based on Translating services has come to an end. We end up translating a local breakfast shop’s menu, a huge shout out to the store manager who let us translate the menu. Overall the process is hard than we thought when most of us grew up from a similar background and all have the same blind spot for traditional food translation since we speak more than one language including the one that traditional food is in. This leads us to need to find a foreigner who at least has some understanding of our local culture and also can help us prove read our translations. After recruiting Tagg as one of our member, we decide to divide our jobs and focus on our own task before share informations.

Role distribution can be consider as one of the major step in a teamwork, each role does different job and would help the group to finish the task efficiently. We divide our group base on the stages of the program:

Search and communicate with the local breakfast shop – Danny, capable of speaking the local language and is able to find stores who need assistance with english translating for their menu.

Translating  initial Menu – Sean, capable of speaking local language and have some basic knowledge towards local breakfasts.

Prove reading and assistance – Tagg and Benson, both capable of speaking local language and have international background.

Digital Design – Wilson, took the IB art course and is an experience poster maker.


Final Work:  早安! 美芝城 Menu for CAS Project (Service)


During this 3 month process, I understand the importance of cooperating. When people work together effectively, they can often accomplish more than they could on their own. A larger pool of ideas is generated when more people are involved. Different perspectives lead to a larger pool of solutions. The team can decide which one is the most effective by working together. In my future life, I would try to work smart not hard. Although there may have some spark during the collision between ideas, it’s road to success when we analyze an issue with pros and cons.

Due to the strict COVID restrictions, our group decide to contact the breakfast shop with phone calls. Our manager of contact, Danny, who is a friend with the breakfast shop therefore he would deliver the menu when the restriction has been lower to a certain demand. Here is the photo of the original menu that is taken by the shop manager:



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