I am an Expert in Following Instructions

I am an expert in following instructions. This wouldn’t have happened without the 2 actions that support me to complete the mission. The first action is thinking, this is the first part of the following instructions Than the second action which is the Action, this is the part where you begin to complete the mission giving by your instructor.

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The first part is Thinking, and this contains receiving the instruction, and planning how you will complete the instruction. Once you receive any type of instruction all you do is telling yourself that you can complete it because most of the time what seems impossible are possible so believe in yourself and try your best. This step will make you forget those thinking in your head that It is Impossible, without this image in your mind to stop you from giving up. Of course, most of the people wonder is the instruction given correct, is it possible? Well, if it is given by your teacher than I recommend you to “Just Do It”. Than the second part of the Thinking is the planning before starting this step I recommend you to look at the key features in the assignment given and they are due date/complete time and requirement for example in a test it is the rubric that you have to look out for and in a Math test it might be “Show All the Working” that you are looking out for. It is very very important to look at those things before you start to plan your work because they will affect the result of your complete work. Now, planning for a route. Now I think the action plan would be the best beginners to use and just for reference, the action plan is a procedure that would guild you thorough out your assignment/mission. This action plan should be simple and contain all the important feature that you were told to complete. After planning the plan, you will move on to the next step which is to Action.

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The last part is the action, it very easy and all you have to do is to follow your action plan. Some problem I faced while completing a task is being distracted, it may be your friend or even video games. Now remember it is not their fault if you got into trouble, it is you who should control yourself. To conclude, with the two major steps that I had to provide. You should be able to complete your task as soon as possible, remember always think before you start the action of planning and completing an instruction.

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