End – April CAS Engagement

On the beautiful Saturday of 4/24, I’ve attended the Han Bing Contest Finals (University Levels) at the awesome complex of Jiu Zhen Nan Han Pastry Cultural Concept Store. I’ve spent about 6 hours worth of Activity Time helping during the competition for example moving the chairs for the stagings and cleaning up the cafeteria after the judges and during this process, I use what I learn from my US history class last year about production line where people divide works into different stages and each person work different stages at the same time. After proposing this concept I have loads of positive feedback and it makes me and other workers/interns work less than before.

As I arrive home and begin reflecting on the speech given by the CEO of Jiu Zhen Nan about preserving traditions, I begin to wonder we (humans) use innovations to replace traditions but why come back to ancient. As I begin to think maybe now we have the technologies or knowledge to change the traditions in other words “Update” the traditions because some traditions may be required in our life. In Jiu Zhen Nan’s Case is the type of Han Bing (products) they keep for Young generations and traditional usage.