End-June CAS Engagement

As I begin my summer vacation, I immediately begin to work on my CAS project with my friends. Currently, we’ve come up with a result of the “Stop Motion” film reflecting one of the global issues after hours of discussion. We all hope the topic gets to let us understand the true action and motion of the mistake human have made to cause this global issue. Even though we haven’t had detailed information of what we want to do as final presentation, but I still put my hand on and try to draw a draft of a figure which I end up with an incomplete drawing.

Above is my incomplete drawing base around a Gundam, Gundams were used as war robots to destroy opponents’ major fleet in their reality, it also represents the success of technologies connecting with humans. In Gumdams case, drivers are assigned one each and may have different abilities. A figurative drawing above is harder than what I’ve imagined, in the future, I hope to draw more and use this technique in my art class for further investigations.