What is Teamwork – G9 English Partner Summative

What is Teamwork?

This is the first time that I had work with a student outside of KAS as a partner for my summative. For me, working as a team is something hard for me due to the fact that I’ve always worked by myself. I always think that if I work with others either I turn them down or they turn me down, but that’s how it works in my old school. After this year in Kaohsiung American School, my definition of teamwork has changed. I think this time we had complete the solution so fast is all the work of cooperation, we share work and the most important is everyone did their part. 

BMSA Movie Project – Before I Go to Sleep


The book Before I go to sleep is a story told by S.J Watson about Christine whos suffer from a terrible attack. Every time when a terrible attack occurs Christine forgets everything that she had done. One day, Christine wakes up and see a man she does not recognize laying beside her. After Ben had left for work, a phone call would appear every morning, with a man, Dr. Nash, reminding Christine to look for the hidden journal from yesterday. In the next few days, by reading the unknown journal, Christine knows she had a baby who reminds the lies that Ben had told her. She knows she had to escape and by doing that she will pretend to go on a vacation with Ben (Husband) but after they arrive at the hotel, Christine had found some pages from the journal in Ben’s luggage. Suddenly, Mike enters the room and Christine was shocked by surprise, and she passes out. No one knows if she will still remember after she falls asleep.

Movie – Zane Ferrara:

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