JZN Internship Final Blog

As the JZN Internship comes to the end, I’ve gained more experience not only as a student but also as a co-worker. Before the internship started, I manage to set two goals which I aim to finish during the intern period. One being “Practice “bouncing back” after adversity, mistakes, and failures (Self-management)” and the other being “Practice focus and concentration (Self-management)”. Although due to many factors including the pandemic, my internship experience isn’t as good as I’ve expected before the start of the event. Due to a lack of practice in personal engagement, I only have limited practice with bouncing back reflection due to no chances of speaking with customers because the assignment that I was assigned doesn’t match. However, it does give me an. opportunity to practice speaking up and becoming a risk-taker when I find any opportunity to engage and support the worker as well as their customer. The second goal is self-management, originally I thought I was going to have loads of chances of using my device there to work on my school work, but it end up as I was too busy helping them do the basic work for example washing dishes and wiping the tables.

An unexpected event during my intern process is the interruption of events during the pandemic. The experience has been modified to match the new requirements which remove some major events that shape this internship. I was unable to reach into the core of the JZN company and to have experience within the internship, but it was canceled after the lockdown reappeared mid-way through the internship. This being says that means I’ve had more time working in the basic part of the JZN and managed to chat with a few of them on their perspective of JZN which gave me lots of moral concepts. Some told me their perspective on the majors I was considering that it’s not suitable in a certain part of the world as well as its pro compared to other majors, some told me their story of how they end up here in JZN. Overall, I gain some knowledge throughout the participation of being an intern at JZN although it didn’t reach the expectation that I had expected.

Final Presentation


November CAS Engagement

Moving onto November, I can’t believe how fast the time has come as the school releases the news of final examination week. My life have yet struck again by the pandemic as the winter arrives around the world and the new variance begin to spread, luckily, in Taiwan we are still safe and haven’t been influenced much.

For creativity this month, I begin to start some sketches of figurative drawings. I am planning on drawing characters from different roles in the society from my perspective, this act would not only practice my drawing skills but also help me understand the difference and importance of each role with in my surround society. The final goal for this assignment is to identify the connections, relationship and characteristics of each role as i begin to search for my majors in university.

The character i drew this time is a waiter who works in the coffee shop that I get my breakfast multiple times within the week. The dress code is what identify his role and this isn’t base of a real person in reality.  The activity of the month is also soccer training after school as is now an off season sport, the arrival of winter also means I need to pay more attention in taking care myself due to the leg injuries that I have with my knee which gets sensitive when its interact with cold elements.

For the CAS project which should be completed by now, I’ve already done most of my part as the program  is now stop due to the lack of shop that is welling to provide their menu for us to translate. Overall, the focus for this month is to secure the final test next month which would be counted as big part of the grades.