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During the Crucible unit, I learn about the Christian culture in the 16th century and how people were treated. This is the first time that I’ve been timed in summative which gave me lots of pressure but practice makes it stronger, with the understanding of sketch note, now I can use another way to take notes. 

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Unit 2 Reflection

Is Abigail innocent or not?

In the crucible, Auther Miller uses Abigale to represent the hate that would be tricky to know. In the Crucible, Abigail Williams is Parris’s Niece and Proctor’s affair, as the Niece of Parris she had to keep her reputation highly. Honestly speaking, Abigail has to be blamed for all the events because without her covering up for Parris, the story wouldn’t have ended like this. “We did dance, Uncle, and when you leaped out of the bush so suddenly, Betty was frightened and then she fainted. And there’s the whole of it” (9) (Having problem inserting Images)

Abigail needs to be blamed for every event because she planed every event, for example, she made Marry Warren hide a needle in Elizebeth’s Doll which means she is not a victim in the story of Crucible since she has the power to control others.
People may argue that Abigail is forced to be the way she is like because of the lie she made at the beginning of the book, she was forced to continue to lie or else she would be hung like Proctor.


Word Count: 183

Who has the most power in Act 3?

At the end of act 3 when Abigail Williams won the court by her acting skills and Elizebeth just when everyone that Abigail had the most power, Danforth was sitting aside and laughing in the heart. Danforth is the judge of the court therefore he can decide how ever he wants as long as its reasons able. “No uncorrupted man may fear this court, Mr. Hale! None! To Giles: You are under arrest un contempt of this court. Now sit you down and take counsel with yourself, or you will be set in the jai until you decide to answer all questions.” (Danforth, 91) Judge always have the highest power maybe not in the supermarket but in the court, Danforth uses his power to push Files into jail. In the 16th century, judges jobs are more likely to control punishment and Danforth who is very religious would only believe in Abigale…

The truth of Marry Warren

Marry Warren, a slave, women with under the name of Abigale and a follower of witchcraft. In the Crucible Arthur Miller uses lots of quotes to slowly reveal the truth of Marry. This includes the time when Marry warren say to Proctor that she can help Elizabeth to prove her innocent of the toll, however, Marry give other answers in court. “No Sir” “Not Sure” (98, Marry). This is the Answer from Marry when Procter and Danforth asked her about what happened on that night, Marry can only follow Abigale’s instruction because she is also one of the ladies that went to the forest at the begging of the book.
(Marry is beside Abigale)

This reminds me of a quote by S.E. Hinton who wrote the book The Outsider,  “I lie to myself all the time. But I never believe me.”. In the book, lie was used very often by Hinton and lies are often explaining a situation. In the crucible, if Marry does not lie than Proctor would have killed her. She was finally lying again when Abigale Williams and others are in the curt that would protect her from Procter’s attack, until then she was unkillable that why she lies. 


(Why People Lie | Kim Serota | TEDxOaklandUniversity)

To conclude, people lie when their life is being threatened. From the example of Marry Warren from the Crucible and Abigale Williams to the example from Hinton, I believe this information is good enough for me to state lies was made when lives are threatened. Arther Miller also gives more example in the book from other characters including Proctor and Giles, Elizabeth and Rebecca, however, they do not lie often, therefore, people does not have much prove to accuse them.