Who has the most power in Act 3?

At the end of act 3 when Abigail Williams won the court by her acting skills and Elizebeth just when everyone that Abigail had the most power, Danforth was sitting aside and laughing in the heart. Danforth is the judge of the court therefore he can decide how ever he wants as long as its reasons able. “No uncorrupted man may fear this court, Mr. Hale! None! To Giles: You are under arrest un contempt of this court. Now sit you down and take counsel with yourself, or you will be set in the jai until you decide to answer all questions.” (Danforth, 91) Judge always have the highest power maybe not in the supermarket but in the court, Danforth uses his power to push Files into jail. In the 16th century, judges jobs are more likely to control punishment and Danforth who is very religious would only believe in Abigale…

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