February CAS Engagement

I decide to do try new things within this month. Valentine soon arrive as chocolate became popular among stores, suddenly I came up with the idea of making one myself. I’ve never made chocolate by myself and this is just another step I need to step over, this activity requires multiple research before the hands-on part. After the research, I grab all the ingredients I need for the chocolate. The process continue when I mix the ingredients as the instruction says, it took me a while to stir and mix everything up before I divide the chocolates into different pieces and throw them into the freezer for 2 hours.

The first batch of the chocolate was slimy, it didn’t taste the way I wanted to because I didn’t use black cocoa powder which could mess up the whole ratio. Just when I was about to throw the failing batch into the trash can, I suddenly think of the people who is not lucky enough to have food served when they are hungry. Wasting food is a symbol of environmental destruction. It is not only unethical but also not fair. Therefore I’ve done some research and plan to recycle the discussed chocolates for other dish. I end up freezing the chocolates for 3 days which is enough time for the chocolates to become decorations, surprising it is still edible but I wouldn’t suggest it since it is still made with the wrong recipe. At least, I manage to use the best out of the diguesting chocolates instead of throwing them away at the first place.


The bowl where I mix all the ingredients

Final product

During this activity, I learn to stay organized. The whole experience was fine before I lost some ingredients because my working space was too messy. Chocolate gets hard when its temperature decreases which means I always need to have a pot close to the fire to maintain the high temperature of the pot. Maybe because it was the first time that I work with chocolate, my actions are clumsy due to the nervous feelings of heating the pot, I lost ingredients easily. One method to solve this from next time is to line all the ingredients up depending on their purpose that way I won’t end up in the unpleasant experience again.

Friend I met during a visit to KACA (K Animal Conservation Area)

Another new action that I’ve accomplished is working as a helper in KACA for one day. We have to clean the pets and the environment as well as persuade people to adopt them. I enjoy this task because it is a great opportunity for me to play with animals but it sucks to know that they would be killed if no one adopt them within a certain period. According to WHO (World Health Organization), there are nearly 55000 people die from rabies every year which is becoming a global issue. WHO also states that when stray dog/ abandon pets roam in packs, they pose a safety risk, causing traffic accidents, assaulting residents, and spreading disease. Similar to the previous task, this service at the adoption center also involves the technique of being organized. Being organized can help me academically when I work faster without wasting time looking for stuff.

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