Mid-December CAS Engagement

At the begging of the winter vacation, I dig further into the internet and did a few studies about the upcoming trend in 2021. One interesting thing I found was the increase of SUV’s productions compare to the previous years (2018 and 2019). This makes me change my subject of drawing for my project, this time I draw a different car than before with the key characteristics of the sloping roof which gives it a sick look.

Below is my drawing for this Engagement.

My design Theme is still sticking with an SUV (Future Trend), so I continue the trend by sticking with the usual design of the car’s head, with a larger head, the car can not only fit a bigger, stronger engine but also it completes the whole body of the car. But since is getting to the end of 2020, I want to do something different, so I put a sloping roof on the car to make it sportier. This is hoped to gain more young market’s attention (From the design Magazines).

Although this car may seem complete, I hope to add more detail to it in digital form. Which might show up in the later Engagement.

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