Post 4, Image Attributions Reflection

Why is giving Image Attributions so Important?

In class, we spend lots of time picking our image but after that, we have to find the link for the Image. You might think this is just wasting time but have you ever thought of a world without Attribution? Imagine, without image attribution, we can do things faster by not doing the 2nd part which safe time. But if you are a Photographer and that’s how you earn money for is it fair to them? Even though that worlds not fair but because some people try to make it fair so we have laws, and one important law for an image is to give lots of sources where you find them. In KAS HS handbook section 14, it talks about the copying and one way that counts as cheating is not given enough source. To conclude, now we understand the meaning of giving image attributions so if others ask you what is it for, then there is your answer.

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