Handbook Summary Post 1

Kaohsiung American School should have a uniform because it makes school looks better, students will have more KAS spirit and a different way for others to see our school (Looks organized). Many other international schools in Taiwan has it. Not just Taiwan, Macleans College in NZ has it, it also has other special rules in its handbook. In KAS lots of “people” wear shorts that are too short which is inappropriate because the student should cover its body part, if we have school uniform system faculty and PTA won’t have to worry about that. In PE class, students wear jeans which is not suitable for PE class. People should change before PE class starts and if they are late, they are. They should change back to uniform expect of after-school sports practice (in KAS only). This happens the Macleans college as well, it might seem unfair but to the teacher it thinks, that’s what student should do. To conclude, students should wear a uniform because of school quality and that what a school should do. Another School in Taiwan has it so why don’t we try it and make KAS a better place to study.

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