Post 3, Academic Honesty Presentation Reflection

After this presentation, I learn what teamwork and time management. Before I start the presentation I was thinking whether I should write ou the script or not, at the end I did but that’s not the point. The point is why was I thinking that way, I think it is because we are only allowed three words not a sentence but lots of people actually do which is not really fair. During my part, I remember the 3 part, even though I kept on using my hand as a support but I don’t think that was good enough. The last thing is Time management, our group only spend the maximum time of 2 hours on this presentation. And as the result we can see, it is not what I was expecting. My other teammate gives not much information so I have to add more sentence to get the time for our presentation. I think if we pay more attention on this work, then today’s work can be better.  


Link to presentation:  


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