September CAS Engagement

No long after the second month of being a senior, as predicted, I am covered in stress and works from many subjects. One key factor being that some teacher could be here due to Visa issues caused by the pandemic. Without the supports from teachers, I am kind of lost but still manage to guide myself on this dark road with the tiny light from the instructions given by substitute teachers. For CAS this month, it’s been fantastic since lots of activities has been schedule to balance my life style from the humongous assignments.

Activity wise, I manage to attend a disaster training lecture held by red cross which would strengthen my knowledge about solving issues within a short period of time. During the speech, I was told to spread the power of my brain into different section which I can now multitask. During the activity I also understand the importance of cooperation during an extreme time, and by reflecting it, I now understand the strength of team work and how it can actually achieve dream work.

KAS Red Cross IG post on the Event


Moving on to the CAS project, the role of distribution has been updated but mine remain the same. Fortunately, the teammate manage to finish his part prior he left the team which didn’t mess up our schedule at all. I am still looking forwards to my part of the project which is the decorate the final presentation of the translated menu, I hope it really help people.

The Menu that me and my teammate will be translating for CAS project.

So far, we are only focusing on one restaurant and we hope to find other restaurant when in the future.


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