End July CAS Engagement

As my summer break reaches the end of its time, I am defiantly not ready to go back to school next month. Senior to me has always been an exciting moment but now I only want breaks. Next year to be harsh, college applications and loads of heavy assignments should be due at the beginning of my senior and I am defiantly not ready for it. I guess it’s just part of life where we enter the process of moving on, and right now I want to be the cat drawn by me to present my emotions as the summer vacation ends for me.

As a creativity activity for CAS, I’ve drawn this cat to reflect my tempo for next year. Although working is very important but without a healthy body, nothing would work. For next year, I need to continuously remember to take control of better time management as the workload increases. One event that I am most worried about next year is defiantly the art exhibition in April 2022, by that time I need to complete more than 11 artworks to graduate from the IB Art program, this CAS activity also supports me in practicing quick drawings that I can use for my process portfolio. In the end, I hope everything goes as planned next year and remember to take a break when it’s necessary.

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