October CAS Engagement

Coming into October, I immediately feel the stress building upon my school work. With the exception of the Halloween event, October for me is pretty stressful. Reflecting on my daily October life onto the CAS Blog, nothing has changed much for me. Although pandemic is slowing to get better in Taiwan, that still doesn’t mean I get to take off my mask and exceed in the public. As usual, of Creativity this month, I drew cats with the action of “shock” reflecting on the time that has passed soo fast that it’s already the due time for the EE’s first draft.

Cat – Action Shock

Activity wise, I did manage to try something new. Today I still have no idea how I ski the week before the first draft was due, but the outcome of the exercise is not bad. Learning a new sport isn’t easy, and I ain’t a fast learn by fact, but this event helps me to understand myself more and most importantly, I get to complete this activity with my family which I may not be seen after July next year. I think i bit of personal values can be discovered when I engage during an event, and clearly to me that the ranking of my family to me is rather important. But again, I think that is just me preparing for my university life.

A picture of me Skiing


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