Mid-February CAS Engagement

For the Mid _ Feb Creativity Activity, I decided to complete my incomplete drawing of an SUV that I’ve begun ages ago. Back then. the tail light design became a trend when major car brands decide to enter the war at a different period to show their technologies with in the tail light. For this car, most of the designs were used from my previous SUV designs but I still change the tail light for the touch of modern taste.

While I was thinking about what type of tail light I should draw for my Car, I came across a piece of interesting information. It talks about the importance of the “Tail Light”, its purpose, and what it should represent. And connecting back to my life in Taiwan where Tail Light was used to describe something terrible like the ghost pressuring a person with debt or the student who has the lowest grade within the class. The tail light was supposed to be different, it’s supposed to remind others that there are objects here and shouldn’t be touch, thats why most of the time they are red. Therefore different regions have a different understanding of an object, and they might not always have a similar meaning. Sometimes it connects with the culture itself.

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