End-January CAS Engagement

At the end of January, I’ve done another update of my Drawings from ages ago on a Digital platform. Before working on this Creativity Activity, I questioned myself what is the principle of my drawings and how to I make myself unique compare to others. From the last Blog, I understand the reason behind why “coupe” designs aren’t selling as well as before and this is certainly a concern with Safety.



I begin to wonder, if people only concerns with the Looks of the car and exclude any sort of safety conciseness, will the good looking car sell boost?? If all the law policy doesn’t go against the required procedures of Car safety, would people still buy them?

Therefore, added the chassis design for the vehicles that were redesigned and labeled all details in different colors. After researching the strength of chassis, I manage to focus on a design by Volvo which happens to win multiple safety awards with their products. I simply apply their concept to my design with a few revolutionized ideas being the additional layer of material that would not only add weight but cost towards the final product.

This time contracting the design base on the perspective of engineers. When putting safety into a series of considerations, safe design strategies are used to deal with hazards and eventualities that cannot be assigned meaningful probabilities, as well as to lower the anticipated likelihood of casualties. All criteria must meet basic ethical requirements for safety since is something that can also be controlled by the public. Ex: When hit by another car on the highway when staying in your lanes and following the rules, why, because that driver was drunk. Since we can’t expect others to not take good care of themselves, we might as well protect ourselves first.

For me, I think the world is balance. What that means is the fact no good-looking car is safe, maybe with more power, it’s easy to lose control of them…etc. But I think, it won’t be successful since people purchase beautiful things to enjoy, and relax. By that means that safety is everything when having fun. Therefore, I still choose to update another of my SUV’s random draw, with a larger body, it should take less impact during an accident. Again, practicing my techniques on Digital Drawings.

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