End-September CAS Engagement

Date: 9/14/2020 ~ 9/25/2020

I am now half way though my first CAS Engagement, after doing some investigations about basketball on my spare time while ben thought with my friends during CAS Friday, I do learn lots of things. I have notice some changes of my body for example my hands were sour after we play basketball during CAS on friday which by my research is a sign of muscle growing. In addition to that fact of muscle growing, I had also learn to communicate more, and it’s quite funny from the reaction of my friends since I am the newbies and already ordering people around, but I am improving. As for the next two weeks, I will focus more on the playing time since I have already completed most of the research. The reason why I uses the word “most” is because there must be something that I still don’t know about basketball and I might need to do more research on it.

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