Persuasive Essay – Wilson Chen

Persuasive Essay – Wilson Chen

My persuasive Essay is about how bad is the video game and how good is the PE Class, I love PE class because I think PE class help me relax also the swimming class teach you something such as when you are in the boat, the boat broken, you have to swim back to land or island it is important it is going to help you one day. PE class is good to your body system, because it can that your heart be stronger and you can grow taller.


Now talks about how bad is video game, the video games will that you be hard to work in school, because if you were playing a game, the class start but you still wants to play and when is time to use laptop, you just want to play video game not working that is bad. Some time if the teacher see that person was playing video it will took away his or her laptop. Video game that you be bad health so you will be easy to sick if you play too much video game.


My conclusion is I think now if you wants to play video game you should go outside and don’t look at screen it is bad to your health. PE class will that you be taller stronger muscles and bones, have a leaner body because exercise helps control body fat, be less likely to become overweight, decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.


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