Chinese New Year of 2015 By: Wilson

Chinese New Year of 2015

By: Wilson


This morning I said, “Happy Chinese New Year” because today is Chinese New Year.  Chinese New Year is an important holiday in China and Taiwan.  I had a great time during Chinese New Year, but my three favorite things about this new year was that I received money; my family took a trip to Yilan; and I watched movies.



After our Chinese New Year dinner, we can take  money  but you need to say words about success and you need a take a photo of yourself taking money so that you may have money during the next year.  The money comes in a red envelope because red means good luck.  I got four envelopes!  I hope I have a lucky year!



On February 19 at 9:54am  me and my family went to Zuoying Taiwan High Speed Rail.  At 11:30am we arrived in Taipei.  But before we were in the city, we sat on the small bus.  That bus only had my family and I (we ate Lunch on small bus too.)  At 2:30pm we arrived to the Yilan.  I like Yilan because there are lots of friends and family there.  My dad’s family always likes to go there so we went there too.



At night,we watched three movies.  The first night, we watched Maleficent.  I liked that movie because Angelina Jolie is a good actress and she can be scary.   The last night we watched the Rise of the Guardians and last morning we watched Madagascar 3.  My favorite was the Rise of the Guardians because I like cartoons.

Chinese New Year is my favorite holiday.  This  year is the “Year of the Sheep.”  Next year is the “Year of the Monkey.”  I cannot wait until the next Chinese New Year!  It will be my first animal year.

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