Aztec Adventure Story

1520:  The Magic Car and the Aztecs

By:  Wilson

One day I woke up, and I went outside to play and I saw this blue, beautiful car.  It had a paper that said “FOR WILSON.”  I looked inside and the keys were there.  So I drove to Antony’s house.  Morgan and Brian Lin were also there, so I said, “Come on!  This is my new car, let’s go!”


So we started driving and I could see the numbers 1520 on the front window.  Then every of thing turned black.  The car started going very fast.  All of my friends screamed, “AAAH! Wilson slow down!”


“It’s not me!” I shouted back.


Then there was a BOOM!  We got out of the car.  We were not in Kaohsiung.  We saw a city in a lake.  There were many people in white clothes.  There was a big temple built with huge blocks of stone  and decorated with paintings and carvings.


“Oh my gosh! I think we are in Tenochititlan.  Remember the movie about the Aztecs we saw in class?  This is the same!”


We looked and we saw a city in the lake and we could see big white temples.  Antony looked panicked and shouted,

“Yuck! Do you see the great temple? It is all cover with blood!”


“I bet those are from human sacrifices,” said Morgan.


“Ms. Chagaris said that the priest would cut their chest open and take their hearts out for the sun good.”


“Oh no!! Let’s get out of here!”  I said. But the car was broken.  We could not move.


Next we saw four Aztec warriors.  They were so scary.  They were dressed like jaguars and eagles.   They carried        a maquahuitl, a type of sword, made from wood about 3”-4” wide and 3”-4” long.  I think a maquahuitl could chop the head off a horse.  One of the warriors was carrying a spear, over seven feet long!  I almost fainted.


They took us and we needed to fight,the Spanish for them.  We practice to use clubs. They were made of wood, with embedded stone as the maquahuitl.  We were given eagle like clothing,  head dresses served as helmets and a simple decorated shield.


Antony, Morgan, Brian Lin and I killed many Spanish.  We were strong eagle warriors, but after three wars, we were all tired and home-sick.


One moonless night, we escaped and went back to the car, which an Aztec magic priest fixed.

The car brought us back to 2014 in KAS.  What an adventure!

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