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Science Unit 4 Reflection: Energy

1.) Risk taking, for only using a little bit of time to finish the summative as well as doing things that I have never tried before. Also, there are some other easier ones but I think that is stupid, like thinkers, of course we have to think in this summative what kind of goofy question … Continue reading Science Unit 4 Reflection: Energy

Science Unit 3 Reflection

How much did you know about Work and Machines before we started? This requires at least 3 sentences–complete sentences. I didn’t know much about simple machines before we started, I don’t even know much about it now. I knew that they existed and how most of them work but I didn’t know about mechanical advantage … Continue reading Science Unit 3 Reflection

G.R.A.S.P.S Project Reflection

Grade 8 GRASP Project Reflection Questions   Please answer these questions honestly and objectively.     What were your contributions to the success of your group’s lesson presentation?  Be specific.   What parts did you research, what parts of the experiment did you have responsibility for, what were your responsibilities for the lesson preparation and presentation? … Continue reading G.R.A.S.P.S Project Reflection

News Article: Volleyball Team, Failed Team

Volleyball Teams. Failed Teams Because even if you think your team is good enough, both of you, are not. Brian Hung 9/5/2017   It was a Saturday morning of August 26 when 6 students from KAS, class of 2022, gathered together to practice volleyball. It was said that the students’ skills have all deteriorated throughout … Continue reading News Article: Volleyball Team, Failed Team