February CAS

Alright, let me talk about how I tried my absolute hardest to begin racking up the one strand which I am currently lacking in, service.

But before I show my tally marks with how many service activities I accumulated, let me give my reflection first.

See, I realized that I like helping people until I didn’t. In general, although I like to consider myself harsher than I am, there is a facet of altruism in my personality. Then I also realized that none of these service activities reflected any of that. I have never done so many acts of service for every reason other than helping people. In fact, this almost left me with a distaste for helping people for the sake of helping them, a feeling rotting my heart from within. But alas, it is done. I think another part of this month was that it was during the preparation time of mock exams as well, which even furthered my hate for all of this extra work.

Alright, quick summary for what I was doing. It was pretty simple, I went to the park and asked people if they needed help. I explained to them why and most people graciously allowed me to aid them in whatever they needed. Sometimes it was a quick massage, sometimes it was watching their kid at the park. Some faster service activities involved picking up trash, or even just companionship for the elderly. That last one may not sound like service, but solitude at an old age is damningly lonely, and I will say that when a grandpa told me about his grandchildren, it felt just a bit strange knowng that I can no longer visit mine.

Anyways, here is my tally marks. For reference, the vertical marks were how much I needed in order to balance my three strands, and the diagonal marks were how many I ended up achieving.

Ain’t that something. Here are some photos I took recently for a few other people that I helped out, it isn’t the original people, sadly, as I could not find them at the same spots, but hey, it’s better to just help out a few more people right?

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