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Lens of Film

During this unit we analyzed multiple pieces of film for their uses of visual techniques and how they impact the audience as well as what they are in general. We compared their uses and discussed the question of whether the techniques are even deliberate, or are we just over-complicating their uses. This unit was definitely … Continue reading Lens of Film

To HeLa or Not To Cancer, that is a question.

During this fragmented unit, we completed a discussion, several TIEAs, annotations, as well as a verbal analysis. Discussion TIEA In The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, Rebecca Skloot uses juxtaposition to demonstrate the economic and educational gap between the majority group and the Lacks family, which was worsened when the Lacks family was taken advantage … Continue reading To HeLa or Not To Cancer, that is a question.

Written Voices

During this unit, we completed many assignments that could mainly be categorized into TIEAs, discussions, poetry writing as well as annotations. Personally I used book snaps, many others used other methods to complete their annotations. I think I’ve written two of my better poems during this unit, with one having one of my best metaphors … Continue reading Written Voices

Grinding the Crucible Work

There were many assignments that we completed during this lengthy unit, including many TIEAs, A few blog posts, many different types of notes, as well as a lot of comments. We also practiced reading dramatically, watched some interesting scenes from the crucible movie, as well as generally doing a lot of analysis. Dramatic Reading   … Continue reading Grinding the Crucible Work

Consequences of the Envied Love

In Salem, women weren’t treated the best, they were considered inferior when compared to their husbands and men in general. And they never had much power in the whole political or even just domestic society of Salem. So when Abigail finally received the taste of that power, even just a little taste as she made … Continue reading Consequences of the Envied Love