November CAS Reflection

This poem is called Golden Crown, Buried Beneath Ember Flames. It represents all sorts of emotions I felt after attending the film festival and watching Revolution of Our Times. It serves as my reflection for November CAS, and of course, it may be difficult to understand why it is written this way, and what those words may mean. But I think, no, I know, that our humanity persists through all hardships, and there is no trait more profound in humans than our ability to persevere through the hardest of times.

And as for the reflection in reference to the activity itself, here it is: I think, when I write these poems and improve upon what I know, many times I prefer to just, fall back on what I think sounds better. And that’s not a bad thing per say, in fact, I don’t find it wrong at all to fall back on your strengths when you don’t want to show your weaknesses. But for myself, and in a way, for the sake of needing to improve my own abilities, I do try new things. Look at the second stanza of the evidence poem, allegories have always been one of my weaker points, and I did try to incorporate it more in this poem specifically. The second stanza shows it best, referencing the tombs of ancient armies and kings. This is both an allegory to a few stories, but most notably Ozymandias, the poem. Do I think I necessarily improved by writing this poem? Yes and no. It’s a continous process, but being able to write something like this shows a milestone in my writing ability, or at least, it’s stuffing another tool into my ever expanding toolbox.

The actual evidence for the creative strand for this post is written in this poem:

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