October CAS Reflection

Strange reflection today, because it’s not my usual poetry-styled reflection. Today I’m just going to talk about my Halloween costume, mainly the mask that I’m using for the costume.

The swirled, one-eyed mask of Obito Uchiha from the anime series Naruto, represents many things in the context of the anime, but for me, I decided to use this mask for Halloween due to what it represents for my creative expression. Mainly, an escapism from the miseries of reality.

Everything about my poetry, stories, whatever whatever is my own escapism from the reality that we live in, the mask is, funnily, an allusion to that idea. “Kamui,” is the ability related to this mask, swirling an object into an alternate dimension. The theme of this ability(when simplified) is one of delusion, to not accept reality as it is by escaping to a world that isn’t “real.” And in a way, everything that I do is sort of related to this. Life is often depressing and miserable, with only moments of happiness to push us through a drowning marsh of sadness. For me, these moments of creativity are sometimes a way for me to live in my own world, to swirl away from whatever I have to deal with.

And I suppose in school, where most of my creativity is pulled from my soul, in this one event of Halloween, I’m allowed to wear this swirl, to live away from this miserable place, and just act like somebody I am not. Haha, how fun, this mask becomes both a method for me to reflect on reflection and creativity, and also an act of creative expression.

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