December CAS Reflection

Wow yes, the last day before the New Year. December is mostly filled with work and work and more work, if anything, it’s just because of our own schedules and the things that we must complete before heading back to school.

No poem this month.

I guess my reflection for December comes from kickboxing for action. It’s quite fun and relaxing, which is a strange thing to say when punches are flying towards your head. Some people will experience what we like to call a “flow state,” where we think about nothing except our instinctual movements during the fight. During the fight, there wasn’t much reflection, but afterward, it was interesting thinking about how my mind went completely blank while taking kicks and throwing fists. There was a brief moment of calmness when the bell rung and I stood there in sweat and nearly breathless, but it made me think about how nice it is to have moments of cathartic blankness. It’s ironic, my reflection is thinking about a time where I was finally allowed to remove every single thought and hesitation I have in my body, but that’s the beauty of it I suppose.

Here’s the evidence of my concentration, I’m proud of it.

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