About Me

Hello, my name is Brian and I am in grade 6 of Kaohsiung American School. I do mixed martial arts muay thai, boxing and wrestling, I’m pretty good at it considering my ground work, the submission holds I guess. I’ve went to some competitions, for one a kendo one where we just hit each other with bamboo sticks, I performed in a singer group 3 times by now and thats pretty much it.Ok here are some weird stuff, I can start to help my dad in some of his executive duties, for example: I help him brainstorm ideas in our hotel in penghu, or search for little details that he probably didn’t see or thought of, I also help him analyse things sometimes.


Okay enough about that, now is to get onto school subjects, right now there is a summative coming up two subjects, where we have to research about a religion and a country. We are putting together the final pieces of the presentation together for a conclusion. I want to go to a college in America to learn new ways of living and a different living/working environment. In the future I want to take over my dad’s company and make the business grow.