September CAS Reflection

This reflective poem is called, “Let’s Talk.” Written in standard, multi-rhymed form.

The poem is pretty self-explanatory for what I did, though it requires a bit more decoding in terms of what I reflected. Of course, I won’t delve too deep into it, that would defeat the purpose of a reflection like this. But essentially, the surface reflections for the creativity strand have to do with me not meeting the expectations set by myself and my emotions not fully being translated into the things that I write, but I will work on that. For activity, it has to do with the feeling of release when I get punched over and over again, it feels good, very good. It’s like a toxic relationship filled with domestic abuse, which I hinted at in the poem, the rest should be interpreted, art is subjective after all.

A bit difficult to include the evidence for physical activity, but here’s the one for creativity:

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