The Expertise of Drawing One Line

Drawing one line, when the silver flash of steel draws crimson across the canvas of tender flesh. It’s an art form rarely perfected and barely discussed because everyone nowadays only believes art to be some kind of painting or the sound from an instrument. But this art is physical, it’s the art of one moment, it’s the art of a second, it’s the art of one line.

Imagine connecting an object to your arm, feeling as the hardened steel flow as easily as your wrist. It’s not you using the steel, it’s you acting with the steel. During a dance of partners, perhaps it’s only one who leads but it is the connection between the two people that truly makes the dance a sight to behold. And when you draw the one line, swinging your arm from one point to the next, you’ll feel the art that flows through your bloodstream.

“I’m not swinging clubs like a barbarian, I’m drawing into the air as an artist.”

To call it expertise would honestly be insulting because it is different from just understanding how to perform an action. It’s connecting the steel with your body for it to flow a certain way, for your body to synchronize with the sword that you are bonding with. Because when certain synchronicity is formed, a perfect partnership will form, clearing the path for the one line for you to strike.

The person on the left, you would notice that something seems to be missing. In his draw, when his path was cleared, he struck swiftly, allowing an illusion to seem like that his sword had just disappeared from reality. Imagine staring straight forward at a line, a very thin line. When the line comes at you in a flash, that’s all it would be, a flash, nothing but a moment, fragmented in a second.


Although this isn’t reality, it represents very well what a person might feel in the one moment where everything connects. It represents the adrenaline, drive, and tension that one could feel when they see the line coming at them. And this is essentially the feeling of drawing one line, the feeling of the one flash of silver that will cry through the air.

And that is the expertise of drawing one line, it is one moment, one movement, one fragment of a second.


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One thought on “The Expertise of Drawing One Line

  1. Your idea of “connecting the steel with your body” gets me thinking about how one’s spirit/soul can actually mix with another person with the same passion, an object with no consciousness, and even a piece of idea that does not even have a solid form.
    I find myself resonating with the concept that things sublime into arts when it comes to the highest state in which can not be described in words. I believe that it is the same for everything to be invaluable and artistic as long as one realizes the meaning in practicing it –– whether that is a hobby, a habit, or anything else.

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