Webs of my Reality

What does it mean to betray, what does it mean to lie? Why is it so bad of a thing to say something that is… false? Integrity perhaps, or maybe just my character, or my reputation as a person.

None of that matters to me.

I’ve lied many times, in front of many people, in front of people such as my mother, my teacher, or my principal. It’s just something I’ve grown accustomed to, not feeling the guilt of saying something false. Blaming others, it’s something that you have to learn and practice to do right, to do correctly. Sometimes it’s that one wrong detail that derails your entire lie, breaking your arguments and making you lose your entire trust.

To me, this is a reality that I can shape. A reality that others would have to live in when I start to weave my words. My lies are intricate and delicate, one by one that lives amongst each other. It is my reality, it is my web that people entered and never leaves. The truth is that the longer a lie lasts and spreads, it soon becomes a reality that everybody believes.

You’re already in my world, you just don’t know it.

Kind of like Abigail, crying witchcraft on all the right people, acting like it’s real until everybody buys into it. We’re quite similar in all honesty when it comes to lying and spreading lies that we need others to believe. Especially when in harsher situations, when we must sell out other people for our own benefits. It’s not like we had to, it wasn’t necessary, but we just did, because we knew that it’d help us, even if it wasn’t moral at all. Abigail did it for forbidden love, I did it… well for way too many reasons. The best case for me was probably while with a bunch of “friends” on a cruise, telling all of them something different until everybody hates one person that in reality isn’t all that bad.

It was really funny, in all honesty. They began to cross-reference the information that I give them, which means that they began to live in the world that I wove. I say something bad about person A to two people, they ask each other and find it true, until they tell everyone and now everyone hates person A. This is just like the crucible is it not? Spreading mass lies for people to begin to turn against one another.


2 thoughts on “Webs of my Reality

  1. Hi Brian, your post really made me rethink about myself. I figured it is like a habit. Once you start to “lie smart,” you really just can’t stop because lying can benefit you in so many ways. While I was reading the part where you said that you can lie without feeling the guilt of saying something false, my initial thought was: “Oh, that’s really bad.” But after really thinking about it, I realized that that’s what I’m like too. I think that’s what most people is like too. The ability to be completely honest the whole life is a gift that not everyone is born with. And not everyone is brave like you and is able to be honest about lying. Your post really encouraged me to rethink how honest I am, and honestly, not very honest.

  2. I like how your introduction started with the definition of lies, then you take the audience into your own experience after you talk about the connection to the crucible to your own experience.

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