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Bias and Media Unit Reflection

Guiding Questions: What Skills Did You Use to Help You Learn? Well, this is interesting because I don’t think I used any specific skills, I mostly just went with the flow and did what I thought would be right. For the annotations, I used a lot of analysis and observing but then again I’m pretty … Continue reading Bias and Media Unit Reflection

L&L Newsletter Summative

In this unit we learned about journalism, we annotated a lot of news articles, studied professionals and wrote our own Newsletter. It was quite an unit, many sleepless nights as well as a lot of stressful days. Compare & Contrast 2 Similar News Stories Similarities: The similarities between these two articles, first of all, and … Continue reading L&L Newsletter Summative

News Article: Volleyball Team, Failed Team

Volleyball Teams. Failed Teams Because even if you think your team is good enough, both of you, are not. Brian Hung 9/5/2017   It was a Saturday morning of August 26 when 6 students from KAS, class of 2022, gathered together to practice volleyball. It was said that the students’ skills have all deteriorated throughout … Continue reading News Article: Volleyball Team, Failed Team