Bias and Media Unit Reflection

Guiding Questions:

What Skills Did You Use to Help You Learn?

Well, this is interesting because I don’t think I used any specific skills, I mostly just went with the flow and did what I thought would be right. For the annotations, I used a lot of analysis and observing but then again I’m pretty sure everyone used a similar set of skills which means that it won’t really be a set of skills that I used but rather a set of skills that we used. Skills is such a broad term that I can’t say what skills I used but rather what I did. For me, I didn’t learn much, most of the things that I watched or read I forgot the next day because things like this I simply don’t pay much attention to and I learn it for a day to complete the assignment.

How do you think that a particular learner profile attribute(s) were enhanced through this unit?

I would say risk taker is a something that improved throughout this unit because I tried new things that had a really low chance of working simply because I want to try it. Is that a good idea? Nope, most definitely not, but I’m stupid like that and some people would call it taking risks. There are many things I can try and sometimes you just have the urge to try it,  so yes I would say I took many more risks in this unit. Again the learner profile isn’t a trait it is something that you do, I did something that resembled the trait but that doesn’t mean you have that profile.

What did you learn about _________ throughout this unit?

I learned “a lot” in quotations, about bias and stereotypes, and mostly how to differentiate it from facts. This isn’t something that I really learned but rather just understood after the unit passed by, you can’t learn this, you just sort of know it after you’ve done it.

How did the text used in class help you learn?

I don’t remember using anything in class, most of it is on our own, I know we did do some things together but I forgot most of them. But being able to interact with others and observe and learn different ideas are fun and sometimes informative.

What did you find interesting in this unit?

The similarities between business and politics, this is a fun thing for me because I want to do business when I grow up. What I realized was a rather realistic view of these two subjects which is how in both fields people have to spit lies for their own profit. Not saying this is some really perverse or disgusting part of society, sometimes it’s just what’s best for business.

Final Thoughts

This unit was interesting, it wasn’t fun, I didn’t really enjoy it at all, but it was interesting. Did I learn anything? Yes, I learned many things about the society and its structure, how it is fragile and lives off of lies spoken by those in power. I learned many things about what type of biases we could find in all these different forms of media and what it could do to a person’s perspective on many things. Would I take anything here and apply it? Maybe, this is sort of a hit-me-over-the-head kind of thing, where I check up on many things that I’ve seen and reorganize it with this lesson. I learned something from this lesson, which is the important part, whether we liked it or hated it we learned.

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