Science Unit 3 Reflection

How much did you know about Work and Machines before we started? This requires at least 3 sentences–complete sentences.

I didn’t know much about simple machines before we started, I don’t even know much about it now. I knew that they existed and how most of them work but I didn’t know about mechanical advantage or work formulas. I would think I can work with simple machines but not fully describe how they function, that is the best way to put it.

How would you improve your Inclined Plane Lab report? Not just I would do better–think about the criterion rubric and make yourself goals to work toward!

I don’t know, well first and foremost I would turn in my self assessment, that would already turn my grades up a notch. Most of it just requires me to explain things further and more in depth for a better grade, also to use more scientific reasoning and vocabulary.

Discuss what would you like to studied more about in this unit? Why?

I would not want to study anything else in this unit, in all honesty I really liked dealing with engineering and machines until this unit was introduced, so it kind of left me a bad mark on machines and science as a whole.

Thinking about work and power–how do you think they will relate to the next unit–Energy?

Well energy can be a lot of things and if we really make it general, work and power are both forms of energy. I hope they don’t relate it back to work and power too much but I feel like references would be made because they are offly similar.

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