G.R.A.S.P.S Project Reflection

Grade 8 GRASP Project Reflection Questions


Please answer these questions honestly and objectively.  


  1. What were your contributions to the success of your group’s lesson presentation?  Be specific.   What parts did you research, what parts of the experiment did you have responsibility for, what were your responsibilities for the lesson preparation and presentation?
  • I did most of the preparations for the experiment, while I did do a bit of research for the simple machine itself(so I know what to expect and do for the experiment), I mostly just designed the experiment and wrote the criterions that went on with it. In fact, I designed the entire experiment while they focused on different parts of the lesson. I also assigned different parts that people would do to avoid confusion and increase productivity.
  1. Describe one part of this project that was a challenge?   How did you respond to this challenge?
  • Time constraints, we didn’t have much time to finish the project, mostly because of all the other projects that were going on at the same time. The time control was obviously a mess and we mostly just countered this by using a lot of our sleeping time to do the assignment. I did assign everyone parts to do so that we can be the most efficient without confusion.
  1. Describe what you most enjoyed about the project? What part are you most proud of–that you say “WE DID GREAT”?
  • I would say everything leading up to the actual presentation itself was much success, aside from the sleepless nights of course. The presentation didn’t go well because time didn’t allow us to show the important parts of the video, conduct the real-life demonstration and explain some things more thoroughly. But I think we did great in designing and producing the experiment as it perfectly shows our objective and completed our question and proved our hypothesis.
  1. Long after this project has ended, what parts of the experience will you remember?   (…“the nightmare is over, I have blocked it completely from my mind!”…hopefully not!)
  • I’m unsure, I don’t think I’ll remember much from this as I mostly slept through it, not my proudest moment obviously and I learned my lessons. I would remember the general concepts of how everything works and I would also remember the time management and people management I did during the whole process.

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