Equity Reflection

“Equity and equality require connection and understanding in order to advocate for others”. Let me ask you, can we be equitable to everyone and be an advocate for those who need it?

We started when we were annotating the newsletters and eventually wrote one ourselves, what happened there…no idea. I’m not sure if that was part of the same unit, because that didn’t feel like it had to do with the topic at all.

Next we read a book about a child with ADHD, what happened was that he was causing a bunch of trouble around the community and stuff. The first summative we did on that was this discussion, I think the discussion should have been longer, a lot longer, we didn’t have enough time to talk about everything. I was the discussion director in the summative discussion and I tried to create a rhythm so that the discussion would move along with everyone getting a chance to talk, but someone did mess up the whole flow because they couldn’t stop talking. I hated that project for that exact reason.

Then we wrote a “TIEA” which we had multiple times to practice, it is a shortened essay put into a paragraph. It is quite confusing and unorthodox, probably because I’m rather used to writing essays. TIEA stands for:

1.) Topic Sentence, which is your topic

2.) Introduction to evidence, which basically talks about your evidence a little

3.) Evidence, this is one quote from whatever you are talking the quote from

4.) Analysis, which is the longest most boring thing ever, but you explain the evidence in detail

I could have done some parts a bit better, I think I didn’t do good enough, but then again I didn’t really try my best, relaxed a bit. TIEAs are one of the things that is honestly either a waste of time or something that can save time for you, will I use it? maybe, but not in the near future if I don’t have to.

Lastly is the PSA video, powtoon is really annoying, it is confusing and laggy to use. Originally I couldn’t even extend the timeframe for each slide until like 2 days later when we finally figured it out. I didn’t try to perfect it afterward because I was afraid that I would mess up something and would have to go through the troubles and horrors of making that one PSA video on powtoon. Powtoon had the idea to mess up everything by not letting me add or delete seconds for an entire day and all that stuff. Then I proceeded to use some really lazy tricks to quickly complete the PSA video, you won’t understand the sense of pride after finishing 2 slides in powtoon until you’ve been through the troubles yourselves, it’s disgusting.

This unit is not enjoyable, I fell asleep in a few classes(my fault sorry) but the things that we did was honestly pretty boring. I would imagine the next unit to be somewhat better because of the poor experience in this one.

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