L&L Equity Summative

We made a PSA video for a topic that was present in our book, my topic is bullying which was present from a person named Billy Cunningham who is a stereotypical bully that is big, a bit stupid and very powerful. In this PSA I made the video to talk about how you should stop bullying, what it is, etc.

The Equity TIEA is this really weird way of organising your text in a one paragraph manner, a shortened essay basically. I forgot my TIEA topic but here it is:

In the book The Defence of Thaddeus A. Ledbetter, John Gosselink establishes that a person’s ambition could do a lot of harm if executed incorrectly.  The main character Thaddeus, has great ambition for improving his school community, but his ambitions backfire on him and causes him a lot of trouble, like when he accidentally set the pastor on fire “I’m sure he would enjoy the increase in attendance…that’s when the sparkler met Pastor Snodgrass’s preaching robe”(135-136). Gosselink really made it clear when conveying the fact that your ambitions could do much harm when you’re not careful in the planning. In the example above, thaddeus tried to increase the church attendance by putting up a show in the church to presumably grab the attention of the local community to get more people to come, but his plan wasn’t carefully executed which resulted in the fiery situation with the pastor. He had the right mindset, he had much ambition, but acting on his own with very dangerous methods torched the pastor which caused him a lot of trouble. Showing that Thaddeus’s ambitions brought him more trouble than good.

MLA citation:

Gosselink, Kathryn. One. KO Kids Books, 2008.

The last project is a discussion, I honestly didn’t do well, we didn’t have enough time to talk and somebody messed up the rhythm I built up for the discussion, it was basically a normal discussion on the book that is graded.

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